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Constitutional Stand On The Issues

The members of the Constitution Party (occasionally referred to here as "CP") should serve their fellowmen for the sake of love and eternal accountability. CP members should serve without motive of personal gain, or reward, in this life.

We use the Constitution Party platform because it is detailed on almost all issues and a voter can see how we stand and vote. 

As for now, I am going to use the Constitution Party Platform to explain the issues. We generally agree with this Platform. A couple of things we do not agree with is nuclear power (under Energy), and that our nation was founded on Christianity (Preamble to the CP Platform). See explanations below.

Splitting atoms, murders atoms. The result is radioactive waste that cannot be dealt with. When we defy natural law we get deadly side affects. God does not split atoms. If you say the Sun is nuclear explosions, then why is sunlight not deadly like radioactive waste. Man poisons himself everyday by refining and concentrating the elements of the earth in defiance of natural law.

We wish our nation had been founded on Christianity, then we would have the Ten Commandments in our Constitution, and we would not have started  as a slave-holding nation justified by deceived Christians. Slavery would have had an ending date in the Constitution. On a positive note, the Founders tried to prevent the States from establishing religious tests for holding office, this was wise.

Christianity was corrupted in the first and second centuries and has never recovered, and at present, is really failing. When is the last time you have seen Christians out in the streets protesting pre-born baby murder, murder by unjust war, adultery, fornication, pornography, theft by socialism, transgenderism, and theft by fiat currency? Why do Christians promote selfish, fascist corporatism and ignore the consequential loss of economic and political freedom?  The reason:  Jesus taught that selfishness was the prime sin, but Christians do not want their churches to challenge their prime sin (selfish motive).  Christians want to gain God's grace without sacrificing, or repenting of their selfish motives. This is why Christianity has failed.

Christians want to serve God without offending the devil.

Socialism, fascism, and capitalism are false systems based in selfishness. The eternal, God-ordained economic system is Christian partnerships. These employee owned, perpetual partnerships could be on earth today but Christians do not understand them. Has your church discussed Acts 2: 44-45.   44 "And all that believed were together, and had all things common; 45- And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need." This is a voluntary, free-will joining of assets in an unselfish way, that we believe, was taught by Jesus. Most people are too selfish to even contemplate such an economic truth. Blood related families generally are too selfish to even talk about Christian economics and partnerships.  An economic partnership will only be viable in the long run when Christians are able to discern motives.  Most Christians believe it is wrong to discern motives.  Many think only God can discern the selfish from the unselfish.

We left the Constitution Party National for a number of years  (2006- 2014) because the Party leadership, nationally, and in Idaho, would not discipline members who violated the Sanctity of Life plank.  We have been with Constitution Party since the beginning, about 1992 except for the 2006- 2014 break.

When Central Banks Issue Paper Money and Digital Currency

When central banks create money without 100% backing by gold, silver, or commodities, they are thieves and liars.

A strict reading of the United States Constitution would only allow for gold and silver coin as money. The US central bank, known as the Federal Reserve Bank, is privately owned and has deceived the American people into trading gold and silver for paper money. This is one of the major reasons for our present economic crisis and inflation.

When a nation is selfish enough to be deceived into murdering a large percentage of their unborn, patronizing sick sports and entertainment, stealing via the ballot box, that nation can easily be deceived and controlled by dishonest central banks.  In fact the bankers are deceived into thinking  themselves as honest.

The only reason we should 'not' return to gold and silver money is because privately owned central banks own about two-thirds of the world's gold. We need to convince people that their central bank exchanged paper money for gold and silver in prior decades. These stolen precious metals must be returned to the appropriate nation, and central bank contracts repealed. We cannot go back to gold, if most of the gold is controlled by private bankers. Each nation needs to demand that these banks return their gold. Let the education begin and the decades of deceit be revealed.

In asking for an audit of the Federal Reserve. We should insist that the gold that was confiscated by Executive Order of FDR in 1933 be accounted for and returned if possible.

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