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ProLife Idaho - Vote by Principle!


Don't vote for the lesser of evils.  You always have a choice.  Vote by principle.

Welcome Neighbors and Friends

My (only) name is Pro-Life. I will be running for Governor of Idaho in 2022 with the Constitution Party.

My wife, Kirsten Faith Richardson, will be running for Idaho State Legislature in 2022 with the Constitution Party.

You will soon discover (if you don't know already),  we are not afraid of speaking the truth.

Please, take some time and learn more about where we stand on the issues; why abortion is the most critical issue, and why you should always vote your conscience.  

Our motive for running is to make people accountable for hearing the truth.  We may never win an election, because when you tell the truth, you offend a lot of people.

If  I am elected Governor, by my order, all abortion facilities will close and no abortifacients will be sold.  This emergency order will remain as long as I am Governor.

Smart voters in Idaho, vote in Republican primaries for the most conservative  candidates.  Remember, there are a lot of Democrats who register Republican and vote for the most liberal Republican in primaries, then  they vote Democrat in the November general elections.

You can vote for us and other Constitution Party candidates in the general election without affecting the final outcome.  The percentages usually are about 65% RINO, 30% Democrat, 5% third party.

The way we receive God's acceptance is to change our motive and attitude to that of Jesus Christ.  

After we repent, we can be an example to others.  Remember, we have free agency or free will. Very few of God's children seem inclined to be honest and never violate their conscience.

Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit desire for all of us to live with them for Eternity, but we must choose their motive for this to happen. Their motive is to never compromise the truth and They encourage us to have love as our motivation when teaching truth.



Kirsten Richardson

Summary of Positions 

   Abortion is Murder.  Legal personhood begins when sperm meets egg.

   Unjust War is Murder.

   Socialism is Collective Theft.

   Fiat currency is counterfeit money.

   Health, education, welfare, recreation, and retirement are not proper roles of government.

   We have natural (God given) rights, such as right to life, expression, defense,  property,  liberty,  conscience,  travel,  and faith.

  Juries are the proper venue for justice, and juries also have the right to the nullification of:  unjust law enforcement, wrongful prosecution, and unconstitutional laws.

   The First Amendment gives no one the right to lie.  Lying should be punished whether under oath or in general.

   Public education fosters:  group think, socialism, Communism, and selfishness, leading to un-Godly morals, poor manners, and a general lack of faith in God.

   Pro-Life and Kirsten will never compromise to get elected or in other aspects of life.  Why do you think we are certified organic farmers?  Our farm website is:

   We believe in alternative medicine and we are against all vaccinations.  Pro-Life said on the radio, "the only vaccination I will be given, will be on my dead body."  No person should be forced to be vaccinated for employment, education, medical treatment, or any conceivable reason.  We do not believe in childhood vaccination.  We believe that vaccines harm our natural immune systems.  

   We are for the repeal of governmental gun laws.  Individuals and businesses can make their own rules.  Gun rights are a natural right. Gun rights, in a just society, should be lost only through a jury trial of  peers.  A jury would also restore lost rights.  Gun safety should always be a high priority.  Safety is an individual responsibility and generally not a government responsibility.  Being unsafe could be a reason for a jury trial for restricted or loss of rights.  

 Laws regarding free speech, e.g., "free speech, only in a free speech zone," are evil.  Disturbing-the-peace-laws, along with jury decisions, should be able to handle First Amendment disputes.  Police want well defined laws so they do not have to exercise discernment.   Law enforcement should develop discernment, patience, and skills to resolve conflicts without violating natural rights.  Our law enforcement culture is confused on this issue and will remain so, until we, through law,  give law enforcement the responsibility to discern  situational free speech.

   General criminal law jurisdiction, constitutionally, belongs to the states.  Pre-born baby murder, homosexual marriage, transgender issues, etc. should never be decided in federal courts.  In truth, almost all laws belong in state jurisdiction.  When federal  judges accept cases that belong in state jurisdiction, they should be impeached and removed.  Very few Americans want to accept this constitutional truth regarding jurisdiction.

   Idaho needs laws that make transgenderism illegal.   Idaho should not change 'sex' on birth certificates.  Idaho should enforce Idaho laws and ignore federal courts.  Boys should  never compete in girls' athletics as transgenders.  Idaho should make transitional hormones, chemicals, and surgery, illegal and unattainable.

   The Idaho Board of Education should be elected instead of appointed by the Governor.

    The Idaho Judicial Council (nominating committee for judges) should be elected instead of appointed by the Governor.  This should also apply to the Tax Commission, Public Utilities, etc.

    We are opposed to government funding of public broadcasting.  Idaho should stop funding Idaho Public Radio and TV by legislative action.  

   We believe that an elected sheriff could, and should, protect his citizens against unconstitutional and immoral laws and edicts by so-called higher authorities.  The sheriff should stop baby murder (abortion), protect gun rights,  prevent wrongful arrest, etc.  However,  almost no sheriffs believe they have this authority.

   Idaho needs run-off primaries.  If no candidate receives 50% in the first primary, then there would be a run-off primary between the top two candidates.  This also should apply to general elections.  The RINOs will oppose run-offs.  Just ask them.

   The emergency powers of the Governor need to be short-lived, say 14 days.  After 14 days the legislature would then make the general decisions regarding the emergency, and direct the Governor, or end the emergency.  Governor Little's emergency orders have gone for about 700 days as of December 2021.

   Idaho's Christian patriots like to talk and many do not take action. We need them to run against the RINOs in primaries and as third party candidates in general elections.  Most candidates believe they need to win if they run, however, making people accountable for truth is more important.  We believe, at the Judgment Bar, you will be asked, 'did you make your fellows accountable for the truth?'

   As Governor, I will veto all bills that expand government.  We are for reduced spending on education, welfare, health, and recreation-  leading to the phasing-out of these functions.  The above functions, many years ago, were the responsibility of faith.  Faith-based organizations could have handled these social service functions but unthinking, selfish Christians transferred this responsibility to government.  Today, we generally are a people without real faith, and government is now our religion.

   Socialism is collective theft, both Republican and Democrat parties are socialist parties, therefore, we need third-party, non-socialist, and independent candidates. 

   We are opposed to Idaho government promoting and selling, and receiving monies from alcohol and gambling.  We are opposed to recreational marijuana.

    I would have not complied with WHO, CDC, NIH rules if I were Governor during 2020- 2021.   I will never have mask, vaccine, or other health mandates.  Idaho would be a non-mandate state with me as Governor, unless the legislature made madates legal over my veto.

   The Federal Constitution authorizes Congress to own and manage land in territories but not within states.  Beginning in  the late 1800's Congress began retaining lands within states unconstitutionally when creating states.  I would like to see the Idaho Legislature authorize  state ownership of these lands.  Idaho, by trying to get its land back, would generate big Federal lawsuits but Idaho could educate the nation on constitutional jurisdiction and ignore the lawsuits.

   It is wrong for the Legislature to grant immunity to the Governor, businesses, schools and local government for their actions regarding the state of emergency beginning in March of 2020.  The Governor should have not declared an emergency,  he did so to obtain federal emergency funds.  He should not have been deceived by billions of federal money, and then ordered shut downs, closed businesses, etc.  People generally have been fooled by the 'scamdemic'.   The sickness is real, but the establishment recommended treatment is a scam.

    Idaho needs to repeal 'no fault divorce laws.'  Idaho should have laws punishing adultery, fornication, homosexuality, and pornography.  Lack of responsibility in marriage should be punished in divorce courts.  Governments should get out of marriage licensing.  Homosexual marriage is always wrong and should be illegal.

   In 1965 the Supreme Court ruled in Reynolds v. Sims that state legislatures should have legislative districts with equal populations.  This is an unconstitutional ruling, because, Art 4, Sec 4, says "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government".  Idaho needs to amend Article III of the State Constitution so as to establish one Senator, and at least one Representative, from each county with more Representatives from populous counties.  State legislative systems should mirror the Federal system, which is, equal number of Senators and at least one Representative from each state, with more populous states alloted more Representatives.  Article 4, Sec 4 is one of the most trashed parts of the Constitution.  Before 1965, and the Reynolds v Sims decision, states had republican forms of  government.  Idaho needs to go back to a county based legislature as per Article 4, Sec. 4 and yes, in defiance of Reynolds v. Sims.

   As Governor I will not allow the National Guard to participate in an unjust or unconstitutional war.  Would the Idaho commanders follow me or a wrongful President?

I would not have allowed the Idaho Guard to protect the Capitol after the January 6, 2021 riot.   Governor Little sent the Guard to Washington D.C.  when Federal officers and police could have handled the situation.  The Congressional leaders planned and allowed the riot by reducing the size of the police force just prior to January 6.  Nancy Pelosi refused an offer to have 10,000 National Guard at the Capitol on January 6.

    We would like to see Idaho become the lowest taxed state.  We should cut spending on education, welfare, recreation, health, and retirement programs commensurate with tax reduction.   We should start with eliminating sales tax, then on to income taxes, then property tax.  Fuel taxes are a just tax for transportation.  Taxes on vehicles, tires, parts, etc. are justified to maintain and build roads and highways. 

   Idaho should have laws forbidding the 'promotion' of adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pornography, transgenderism, etc.  It should be illegal to advertise for perversion, swinging, fornication, etc.  LGBTQ help centers would have to close.  There is a LGBTQ center in Rexburg called Flourish Point, shocking, right?

    We are against mandated vaccination in every jurisdiction: government, business, military, education, and family, yes, even family.  We believe vaccines and especially mRNA  shots to be harmful.  I will by emergency, executive order, stop all mandated vaccinations including parents having their minor children vaccinated.  The Idaho government should protect the child who says, "the vaccine will hurt me, I will not take it."  If I become Governor, you would have to leave Idaho for vaccines, and for sure, the mRNA shots.   The legislature could stop my order.  The Covid shots will result in long term damage and eventual loss of life in my opinion.  I hope I am wrong.   When people around the world realize that they have been decieved by politicians, media, pharmaceutical firms, and the medical establishment, then we will start following common sense, conscience, and Jesus Christ, instead of fake Christianity and phony pharma science.  Follow your conscience and not the deceiving experts.  Kirsten and I had Covid and it was terrible.  Covid is real and the one-world fascist leaders are using it to corral us.  People, who have had Covid, and now have natural immunity, should realize the establishment is lying when they say, 'you still need to get the shot.'  When we start thinking,  'is this a bio-weapon?' then we are waking up.  The establishment is not stupid, their actions are intentional.  'Are they trying to control us, or harm us, or both?'   'Are they trying to create a universal passport and identification?'  Yes, of course.

    Governments should not license occupations.  Licensing creates monopolies and hinders competition and innovation.  Occupations should have regulating and certifying organizations outside of government to insure safety, quality, etc.  If there were competing certifying groups, then the consumer would have more choices,  better services, and products.

  We would like to see all candidates, for any office, declare their position on vaccination and the "shot."  Ask candidates for their position and you may get answers like this from Mike Simpson's office, "that information is not available."  Many politicians do not want to declare their position on the shot.

  Ask politicians,  "is abortion, government enforced murder?"  "Is homosexual marriage, enforced perversion?"  Is enforced the right adjective in the above questions?  Yes, of course.

   Truth will eventually be recognized by all people, it might take a long time, but truth will win in the end.  We will not compromise any truth for any temporary reward.  We do not want to live with compromisers here, or in eternity.   Our Father in Heaven never compromises, or lies,  and we want to live with Him.  We want everyone to be worthy of living with Father in Heaven.  God bless all of you, we love all of you.  Repent of your selfishness.

   I will not allow the Biden administration to bring illegal aliens into Idaho.  I will ask the legislature to make this a permanent ban.  We also need to stop the Federal government from sending unvetted refugees to Idaho.  Idaho should vett all refugees destined for Idaho. 

    President Biden needs to be impeached and removed for many reasons, the Afganistan debacle, the border crisis, mandating the 'shot', etc.  There needs to be a general cry for impeachment,  but sadly, most Republicans will remain silent.  They will not bring up impeachment until the people demand it.  America has poor leadership.  Have you noticed, Biden will never criticise Communist China?   The Biden action in Afganistan is treason, "aid and comfort to the enemy,"  Art. 3, Sec. 3.   You might think, we are ignorant of the fact we  lack votes to impeach, we realize this.  Biden deserves impeachment and we should speak it, even though we lack the votes.   We all need to say he 'deserves' impeachment.  Do you think the GOP will publicly say, Biden 'deserves' impeachment?  No, the GOP will fail.

    President Trump is recommending the shot.  This is a wrongful position and should destroy his credibility.  Trump should admit to be being fooled by Pharma science.  In 3 years  the world will be awake to the Covid shots slow destruction of our immune systems.

   I will do everything in my power to stop the installation of 5G in Idaho.  5G is obviously harmful to the health of all living things.  I would like to see 5G outlawed in Idaho.

   The commonly used birth control pill is an abortifacient, so therefore, any Governor stopping surgical abortion would also stop the sale and possession of birth control pills, morning after chemicals, etc.   D&C procedures would also be stopped in rape cases.  Legal personhood begins at fertilization (when sperm meets egg).

   Immunization passports are evil, like in "mark of the beast."  I will never submit to this.  The Idaho Legislature would have to pass a law over my veto to make vax passports legal, and then ask for my recall election, because I would fight this to the end, just like I would on the question of baby murder and other basic principles.

   I will never allow quarantine camps in Idaho, nor allow any Idaho resident to be quarantined outside of Idaho.  The end of medical tyranny should begin in Idaho. 

   I believe that firemen and emergency personnel should be armed with firearms, mace, pepper spray, tear gas, etc., as appropriate, so as to save the health and lives of people before police arrive.  I know this is against our culture but cross-training can save health, lives, and property damage.   This idea is really appropriate for places like Portland, Chicago, LA.  We need to discuss it here in Idaho and see if the legislature will approve it.

  The state prison system needs to grow organic food for Idaho schools, prisons, and other state institutions.   The Idaho Legislature needs to set nutritional standards for state institutions.  You can not rehabilitate people on poor food.  These standards should not allow refined sugars, preservatives, colorings, additives that are harmful to health.  Mental institutions and other institutions should have gardens and farms.  Watch the lobbyists squeal over this, if it comes up.

  When the Governor, or his departments, declare that Idaho hospitals and health care in general, are under 'Crisis Standards of Care,' you must realize that your rights and freedoms are being suppressed without your knowledge.  Study up on this. 

    We would like to see Idaho, by legislation, create a state militia to help in emergencies.  The Federal government would have no control over this militia.  The Governor would be the state commander with the county sheriffs as county commanders.

    A  governor should have an investigative team to find people wrongfully convicted or in jail wrongfully, awaiting trail.  Also, a good governor would spend a substantial amount of time visiting the people in prisons, reform schools, mental facilities, and disability institutions.  I do not believe this happens at present and these people have been neglected for a long time.

  The federal and state constitutions place the Chief Executives (Presidents and governors) as servants of the legislative branches.  I accept this.   A governor is not co-equal with the legislature.  The judicial branch is also not equal to the legislature.   Court decisions are not law and Executive Orders are not law.

   Idaho should never allow  'For Profit'  prisons to house Idaho inmates.  'For profit' prisons will always allow fighting, abuse by prisoners, riots, and breaking of laws by prisoners so that they can retain a larger prison population and insure profit.  'For Profit' prisons are slow to recommend parole and quick to find infractions thus retaining prisoners.  Certain Idaho jails profit from housing prisoners from other jurisdictions, this same revenue motive can harm people in jail-  poor food,  lack of space,  poor heating and air quality.  A good governor would always be investigating such abuse, and the revenue/ profit motive in jailing. 

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