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Idaho Politicians & Murder

The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution says, ..."nor shall any State deprive any 'person' of life"... Senator Roger Wicker (R) MS has introduced a bill which defines 'person' as beginning at fertilization. Senator Risch is a cosponsor and Senator Crapo is 'not' a cosponsor. Any politician who is really interested in stopping the holocaust of preborn baby murder will sponsor this bill.

In the House, Paul Broun (R) GA, and Duncan Hunter (R) CA have introduced similar bills. Duncan Hunter's bill, H.R. 374, has many cosponsors, one from Idaho, Raul Labrador.

However, Duncan Hunter's bill needs to be discarded because it says, "no prosecution of any woman for the death of her unborn child." States have the right and duty to prosecute murder. I have asked Congressman Labrador to stop being a cosponsor, but he wants to go along with the compromised position of allowing women to escape murder charges, while thinking we should only prosecute baby murder doctors. What if they murder their baby in another country?

Congressman Mike Simpson has not sponsored any of these bills. His website indicates he does not believe that personhood begins at fertilization.

None of Idaho's Democrat candidates are interested in declaring personhood for the preborn. Most of them take campaign donations from preborn baby murder groups.

Senator Risch of Idaho can now show how pro-life he really is. He is on record as saying "abortion is a state issue" and "the woman should not be punished for having an abortion." Mr Risch has now cosponsored Senator Wicker's bill to establish personhood at fertilization. Senator Crapo's website indicated he does not believe in the legal personhood of the preborn baby.

I am on record as saying that, "abortion is murder and everyone connected with the murder of a pre-born baby should be charged with murder, or assesory to murder, including the person who drives the woman to the baby murder center."

No member of the Idaho Legislature is willing to introduce personhood legislation as of this date. The reason for this, Idaho Right to Life, and Idaho Chooses Life, believe that personhood will be struck down by Federal courts. This may are right, but nevertheless we must introduce personhood legislation to educate the public that 'abortion is murder' and that Idaho can ignore Roe v. Wade and stop the murders. Any Governor could stop these baby murders because no legislative body has established personhood. Babies are presently murdered in the birth canal because of the lack of courage by the pro-life community to even say that 'abortion is murder.'

Governor Otter is not going to term 'abortion as murder' or seek personhood legislation as indicated by his answers to Operation Vote Smart,

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